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30 December 2015


In the spirit of the Kaggle revolution, an industrious and risk taking hedge fund put their investments in the hands of the public. A hedge fund at the site has spent their time to encrypt their proprietary data and present it to the public as a clean, orderly, and clear classification problem. They even clearly label their observations...

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Predicting Multiple Choice Answers From Question Text

12 December 2015


The Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence posted  a question to How well can you do on a given 8th grade multiple choice test using artificial intelligence? Outside data was allowed in this competition. As impressive and interesting as using the World Wide Web is to take this test, it made me think about whether a model could use the...

Predicting Epidemic - A Review of Data Science in Public Health

15 November 2015


In low income countries, 5 out of the top 10 causes of death are communicable disease. Bacterial infections, malaria, HIV, ebola - the number of lives lost is huge. The cost to the countries affected is measured in billions of dollars. Even in United States, thousands die to the Flu, with the total financial burden exceeding $87 billion dollars...

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